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Hello I'm Kevin, some guy from northern Germany and the owner of the instance. My interests include (, , , ), (mainly ), and . I'm also part of the as a simple .

If you want to follow me on my endeavors feel free to follow this profile.

Learn more about me at:

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people don't actually hate RGB LEDs on everything. who tf hates their tech having bright and colourful rainbows on it? nobody

what you resent is the association with toxic gamer culture

take it back. the gays had rainbows first

There are 118344(!!!) different * domains my script has seen so far


Chipflake just posted an inspiring video on /#LGBTQI and his coming out story. Hes got a really interesting journey behind him, worth a watch:

For those wondering: The script loads the peerlist of using the API, then adds all peers to the queue, loads all of their peerlists, adds them to the queue (if it hasnt seen them) and rinse and repeat.

Runs on on my poor little computer.

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Just unleashed a onto the .

So far it has downloaded the peer-list of 4.700 servers and has seen 148.759 unique domains!

The fediverse is bigger than expected, will update when the crawler gets further.

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This week is #TransAwarenessWeek. A good time to inform yourself about the many issues people that are trans face every day. And it would be even better if you stand up for trans rights all year. :trans_flag:

disclaimers and stuff 

please don't hate me, it's a joke :p

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New season looks sick, they even got Etho from the YouTube channel EthosLab to join! Pretty epic if you ask me

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sarcasm levels are 42% and rising

(42%) ■■■■□□□□□□

It's almost 3 at night and my own repository just forced me to sign my own CLA. I think this is my call to go to bed.

Flashback to when I started hosting my own Matrix-instance and in a room I was in someone was being nasty, so naturally I reported them not realizing the reports didn't go to the room admins nor to the admins of their instance, but to the admin of my instance... who was me.

I stumbled upon my own reports a few months later.

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i downloaded all 10.000 of those ugly lazy lions nfts and turned them into a mosaic of a person right-clicking

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Every time I say something in support of queer or trans rights, it seems like I get some variant of "why do you care so much?"

I used to have a host of responses. Now I have just one: why the fuck don't you?! What kind of person are you to see people being harmed and just… not care?

I'm so done with people's expectation that you have to have some kind of self-serving reason to care about people being hurt. You know what my "self-serving interest" is? I'd feel horrible to ignore others' suffering. If that isn't enough for you, then I'm sorry, but we can't be friends — I draw the line at willful sociopathy

Omfg so in Germany we have this thing called "Jugendwort des Jahres" which translates to youth slang of the year. National television just announced "cringe" is this years winner and defined it by saying "it's what you feel when I say this" followed by a bunch of youth slang mashed into one sentence... I fucking can't, it's so good! This is the opposite of cringe

Original Video (German):

@Jannikkiel took this pic of me today, and I think it's nice, so sharing it is :p

(Image in German, see alt-text for English transscript)

So... I've started studying business Informatics at a German University of Applied Sciences, and I've figured out they have an old server, so I connected to it and decided to say hello to figure out if there are any people still on it...

It took 2 days at this uni for someone to do the joke everyone does about my last name... and it's a professor who did it lmaoo

("Kabelbinder" is cable ties in German, "Kandlbinder" is my name)

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