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Hello I'm Kevin, some guy from northern Germany and the owner of the instance. My interests include (, , , ), (mainly ), and . I'm also part of the as a simple .

If you want to follow me on my endeavors feel free to follow this profile.

Learn more about me at:

Visited a friend in Hamburg yesterday and took this pic of my bike after I rode it back home. Thought the lights looked nice, enjoy.

Got access to 2 from and I've just got to say, it's amazing what the AI can do!

I've put the prompts I gave to the AI in the alt-text of the photos, just hover/long-press/whatever on a photo and it should appear.

For my people from Hamburg, Germany

@Jannikkiel und ich sind grade beim Stand von @hhwerbefrei vor Altona, wer Zeit hat kann gerne mal vorbei schauen! Heute noch bis 18 Uhr und sonst einfach mal auf Mastodon vorbei schauen

A post for my German followers:

Moin, ich hab grad mal begonnen einen Matrix-Chat für alle im DACH-Bereich zu machen.

Wenn ihr Interesse habt oder jemanden kennt der Interesse haben könnte - Einfach mal reinschauen:

Würde mich freuen dort n paar Leute rein zu bekommen! 😃

Did some work today as I wanted to play around with for a bit.

I indexed 2,652 Mastodon instances which combined have 3,739,947 users who together tooted 423,639,861 times.

If you were to post the collected works of Shakespeare, whilst using only one account per instance and only one toot per account, you could do so 5.92 times.

(I indexed public instances running Mastodon or API compatible software such as Pleroma - namely the /instance API)

Ah month, when every single company is suddenly acting supportive whilst actively contributing to anti-LGBTQI+-legislation and cutting queer relationships from their movies/series/whatever the rest of the year

Fuck them, the people are what counts! We are what pride is, not soulless corporations!

From birdsite 

RT @[email protected]

Awesome OpenStreetMap

An open data mapping project utilized by many apps and devices.

Omg I just got a scam call and they were all like "we've found many suspicious activity, please press 1 to be connected to an agent".
So I press 1 thinking I'll get some quality time wasting some scammers time, and those absolute asses just hang up?! WHY? I AM SO PISSED!

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und als letztes noch:

wer nichts zu verbergen hat, schützt gefälligst die, die was zu verbergen haben - gründe dafür gibts wie sand am meer - und wird so nicht noch zur gefahr für die anderen!

solidarität heißt fresse halten!
#AnnaUndArthur #Zensus

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so guess who just finished editing all photos he was supposed to edit just to find out his internet is down for maintenance until 7 am and he can't upload anything...

Sooo... your boy just discovered it's actually fun for me to read German laws.

I'm already mad with power and sent a request under the freedom of information law (Informationsfreiheitsgesetz / IFG) to my local government. They put up annoying new advertisement-screens all in the city center and I really want to know how much they were paid. Wish me luck my request doesn't get rejected!

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Molly White is the creator of the "Web3 is going just great" project which tracks the latest news of cryptocurrency/NFT disasters, scams and collapses. You can follow at:

➡️ @molly0xfff (White's account)

➡️ @web3isgreat (project account)

The project's website is at and features a useful interactive timeline of the news items.

#MollyWhite #Web3IsGoingJustGreat #Web3 #Cryptocurrency #Crypto #Tokens #Coins #NFTs #NFT #News #Financial #Money #Scams #Technology #Business

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Machen wir uns nichts vor:
#Mastodon ist sehr IT-lastig und wir wissen alle, dass diese Branche einen hohen Männeranteil hat.

Spiegelt sich das hier wieder?
Lasst uns mal einen kleinen Überblick verschaffen!
(Gerne boosten für ein aussagekräftigeres Ergebnis, Instanzübergreifend)

Ich definiere mich als...

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Habe bei einer Firma mit mehreren Profilen, Bewerbungen hin geschickt mit fast gleicher Qualifikation und Zertifikaten.
- Hauptschulabschluss, direkte Absage.
- Realschulabschluss, Absage nach 2 Wochen.
- Fachabitur, Einladung zum Termin in 1 Woche.
- Abitur, Telefoninterview in 3-4 Tagen.
- Hochschulabschluss, Telefoninterview am besten sofort.
Und das nenne ich #Klassizismus in rein Kultur!

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Related. Does anyone know where I could borrow a 1/4 5 tape reel reader of some kind? These were made long before my time and I have no experience with them.

We think it's either a recording from a control room, or an interview with someone.

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