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Hello I'm Kevin, some guy from northern Germany and the owner of the instance. My interests include (, , , ), (mainly ), and . I'm also part of the as a simple .

If you want to follow me on my endeavors feel free to follow this profile.

Learn more about me at:

After @tobi's post about the partial solar eclipse above northern Germany baited me outside I managed to take this pic of it! (CC-BY-4.0)

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We need 1 million signatures to force the European Commission to listen - will yours be the next one?

Join us:


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A friend just linked me to an interesting survey for a study:

It's about figuring out how well you can read emotions from faces and emojis. When finished you even get an instant rating.

It's really interesting to see the results.

Needed time: 30 - 45 minutes
Best to do it on PC

German, Science (Study / Studie), Survey 

Ein Freund hat mir gerade eine interessante Umfrage für eine Studie verlinkt:

Es geht darum herauszufinden wie gut man Emotionen aus Gesichtern und Emojis lesen kann. Am Ende bekommt man sogar eine Bewertung.

Lohnt sich mitzumachen.

Benötigte Zeit: 30 - 45 Minuten
Am besten am PC machen


So I've done it again...

I've not had Döner (see in forever, as when I had one as a kid I had stomach aches for days, due to the restaurant not being up to health code (They were forced to close a few months after). Today @Jannikkiel invited me to get one, and I really liked it! I have missed out on this amazing food all my life!

How many other things are there I avoid but would love if I had them?! This is not the first time something like this happened.

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I've finally set up NGINX GeoIP for and it's facinating to watch all the little dots pop up on the map. As I only host Mastodon and Matrix on that server, this is basically the !

Interactive Snapshot:

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Anyone here used/using Oneplus Nord N10 5g?

Any recommendations for a budget stock(minimal custom skin is fine too) Android phone(price around $350)?

*OLED and fast charge(above 18w) would be a plus if have.

Note: pixel and moto are not available here at my place.

#askfedi #android #phone

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Anyone need a Cloudflare Worker for redirecting to a language-specific version of a page right on the edge? If so I've got something for you!

"Smiley isn’t just about pushing more product. Its host of sensors also collect data on shopper interactions, including how they move about the store. Imagine it as an alternative to someone with a clipboard walking around the store all day taking notes on how people move about, but successfully selling more candy while it does its job."

Well this is... Fun

COVID, good personal news 

I just got my COVID-Test back! I don't have 🎉


I'm going to get tested for in half an hour after I've had diarrhea, headaches and nausea for the last few days... Wish me luck

Hope it was just some bad food...

Wish me luck! I really want a serial terminal :p

Probably gonna be outbid at the last second though.

(Screenshot is in german, for translation see alt text)

Videogames (being played badly by me) 

So I've installed "Aim Lab" from today.

It's a new early access aim trainer for playing FPS-games. After my first round it gave me a summary, where the positive remarks column was empty and the negative remarks column full.

So anyways, I've uninstalled "Aim Lab" from today.

This is your daily reminder that the can burn down too! Keep your off-site and don't rely on the big hosters being safe from data loss.

Hope none of you were affected...

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Federal law enforcement doesn't have a problem with "going dark." What they're asking for is a method to break encryption that's cheap, easy, and reliable.

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