Great Britain 

I love playing "Zoom in on a random part of Great Britain on Google "

@kevin You can do the same probably with better results with #OsmAnd and the #OSM #maps. 😉

@luiseme Yeah, I know and I feel kinda dirty for using Google Maps, but it's sadly still the best UX for a Android-Map-App, as most of the OSM ones are kinda laggy on my Phone :/

@kevin I think that the use of an application is the first step for its development and improvement, especially for those of us who have no knowledge for the development of its code. And I appreciate the work of the community of #OpenStreetMap and its values more than the #UX offered by a company like #Google. A matter of priorities, I guess.

@luiseme That's true, and I actually have bought OsmAnd+ to support development, but the lazy-loading straight up unloading and reloading the whole map off-screen and thus lagging out my device kills it for casually zooming in on the british country side for me.
I'd love to help more, but I don't have a lot of money (student, ayo) and I've not gotten good enough in Android Development as to be of any help on the source code.

@kevin Well, what you have done is to be appreciated. Best regards. 😉

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