There are 118344(!!!) different * domains my script has seen so far


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@kevin curiously gab turned off its federation some time ago and presumably if these *were* trying to get data from other instances someone would have noticed by now; so it could just be a remnant of the fork of ActivityPub based software they are using...

@vfrmedia huh... weird why they are still showing up... may be a rellic from them trying to circumvent bans back then

@kevin although there would have been a *ton* of discourse if they were trying that; and I don't remember seeing any (I think also at least with Mastodon an admin blocking an instance domain automatically blocks all subdomains)

@vfrmedia That's really weird... This is the only instance this has been happening for.

I've gona ahead and just purged all of those entries from my queue which just saved me a lot of runtime

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