@Jannikkiel took this pic of me today, and I think it's nice, so sharing it is :p

(Image in German, see alt-text for English transscript)

So... I've started studying business Informatics at a German University of Applied Sciences, and I've figured out they have an old server, so I connected to it and decided to say hello to figure out if there are any people still on it...

It took 2 days at this uni for someone to do the joke everyone does about my last name... and it's a professor who did it lmaoo

("Kabelbinder" is cable ties in German, "Kandlbinder" is my name)

Ayoooo guess who's finally getting next Wednesday... I'm really hyped!

This GIF shows the impact the floods in western Germany had on the connections to my fediverse-server (perun.srv.1in1.net).

The first image shows the connections in the interval 10.07.2021 - 14.07.2021 on a map, the second one is 17.07.2021 - 22.07.2021. The overlay after the first frame shows the affected areas on a map by the German civil protection office.

After @tobi's post about the partial solar eclipse above northern Germany baited me outside I managed to take this pic of it! (CC-BY-4.0)

I've finally set up NGINX GeoIP for and it's facinating to watch all the little dots pop up on the map. As I only host Mastodon and Matrix on that server, this is basically the !

Interactive Snapshot: grafana.triglavnetwork.de/dash

Wish me luck! I really want a serial terminal :p

Probably gonna be outbid at the last second though.

(Screenshot is in german, for translation see alt text)

Great Britain 

I love playing "Zoom in on a random part of Great Britain on Google "

Met up with @Jannikkiel yesterday and took some long exposures of the cars driving by on the autobahn. It was a really nice evening.

If you want to feel free to use under CC-BY-4.0. :p

is pre-orderable in Germany now... too bad I don't have any money

I hereby share with you all: The way my chose to sleep in with me yesterday.

I recently got a very old pager and today I decided to turn it on... And the thing still managed to connect and set it's time lol