Me ascending from the depths of hell like:

Photo taken by @Jannikkiel :)

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Bill Gates doesn't cross the street wtf is this world

My photos have now been viewed over 2M times! I am very hyped about this milestone and am so happy to have my photos actually be used for something instead of rotting on my hard drive :D

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Big thanks to @[email protected] for boosting my call for feedback and contributions to osmlab/awesome-openstreetmap in their newest issue! I really feel honored 🙂

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weeklyOSM issue 609 now available in *English* the news from the world

@Jannikkiel took this pic of me today on a walk through Hamburg with him and @Shrimp
I like it so I'm posting it :)

Food food food 

My first time trying hot-pot with @Shrimp and @Jannikkiel today! Tasted amazing

Ayyyyy my @torproject relay is starting to get guard-traffic! So happy to finally be contributing a node to the tor-network after using it for so long!

Me: *sets dating preference to 18-24, as I'm 20*


There are 118344(!!!) different * domains my script has seen so far


New season looks sick, they even got Etho from the YouTube channel EthosLab to join! Pretty epic if you ask me

@Jannikkiel took this pic of me today, and I think it's nice, so sharing it is :p

(Image in German, see alt-text for English transscript)

So... I've started studying business Informatics at a German University of Applied Sciences, and I've figured out they have an old server, so I connected to it and decided to say hello to figure out if there are any people still on it...

It took 2 days at this uni for someone to do the joke everyone does about my last name... and it's a professor who did it lmaoo

("Kabelbinder" is cable ties in German, "Kandlbinder" is my name)

Ayoooo guess who's finally getting next Wednesday... I'm really hyped!

This GIF shows the impact the floods in western Germany had on the connections to my fediverse-server (

The first image shows the connections in the interval 10.07.2021 - 14.07.2021 on a map, the second one is 17.07.2021 - 22.07.2021. The overlay after the first frame shows the affected areas on a map by the German civil protection office.

After @tobi's post about the partial solar eclipse above northern Germany baited me outside I managed to take this pic of it! (CC-BY-4.0)

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