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People of the , what hobbies do all of you have?

I'd love to see what other people in the fediverse do in their free time!

Call for fediverse-help!

I'm currently looking into migrating my instance from Mastodon to Pleroma to save on server resources.

Does anyone know how I can migrate everything from Masto to Pleroma? I'd love to seemlessly migrate followers, statuses and profiles at least.

I've looked at gitlab.com/soapbox-pub/migrato, but that is long outdated. (Tried it, threw some kind of type error)

Boosts apreciated!

Just unleashed a onto the .

So far it has downloaded the peer-list of 4.700 servers and has seen 148.759 unique domains!

The fediverse is bigger than expected, will update when the crawler gets further.

Flashback to when I started hosting my own Matrix-instance and in a room I was in someone was being nasty, so naturally I reported them not realizing the reports didn't go to the room admins nor to the admins of their instance, but to the admin of my instance... who was me.

I stumbled upon my own reports a few months later.

Racism, Homophobia, Fediverse Instances 

I think I have a new fediverse-instance I hate the most and I call on any instance admins out there to block it: lgbtfree.zone

I mean just look at the signup captcha and the text on the homepage...

I've finally set up NGINX GeoIP for and it's facinating to watch all the little dots pop up on the map. As I only host Mastodon and Matrix on that server, this is basically the !

Interactive Snapshot: grafana.triglavnetwork.de/dash