@Jannikkiel took this pic of me today, and I think it's nice, so sharing it is :p

(Image in German, see alt-text for English transscript)

So... I've started studying business Informatics at a German University of Applied Sciences, and I've figured out they have an old server, so I connected to it and decided to say hello to figure out if there are any people still on it...

It took 2 days at this uni for someone to do the joke everyone does about my last name... and it's a professor who did it lmaoo

("Kabelbinder" is cable ties in German, "Kandlbinder" is my name)

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@liw Oh no... I almost missed it... I got the calendar alert, but I thought it was a false alarm - so I ignored it

I have a for you all!

Think of your favourite public queer person, go to (wikidata.org/), Look them up, add the P91-tag (sexual Orientation) to their object if it's not there yet. Bonus Points for linking a source!

Other fun tags: P6553 (preferred Pronoun) and P21 (gender)

Let's take representation into our own hands. 🏳️‍🌈

Racism, Homophobia, Fediverse Instances 

I think I have a new fediverse-instance I hate the most and I call on any instance admins out there to block it: lgbtfree.zone

I mean just look at the signup captcha and the text on the homepage...

@M Ich glaub nicht das alle Menschen rücksichtslos sind, aber die die es sind sind meistens am lautesten...

@M Ich wurde gestern vom Vodafone Chatbot geghostet... Am Ende hab ich einfach die Sales-Hotline angerufen um endlich zu nem Menschen zu kommen :/

Es sollte illegal sein keine einfache Kontaktmöglichkeit zu bieten

@icedquinn True, and on top of that many NFTs piggyback on the Ethereum blockchain, adding a ton of data, which in turn means higher energy consumption. So it's not only a waste of money, but also a waste of energy...

NFTs - Be just like the big cooperations for the low low price of all your life savings.

Just got my first dose! and it didn't even hurt :)

@Shrimp @[email protected] wait, is that a person in the last picture in the windows? ;p

Ayoooo guess who's finally getting next Wednesday... I'm really hyped!

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This GIF shows the impact the floods in western Germany had on the connections to my fediverse-server (perun.srv.1in1.net).

The first image shows the connections in the interval 10.07.2021 - 14.07.2021 on a map, the second one is 17.07.2021 - 22.07.2021. The overlay after the first frame shows the affected areas on a map by the German civil protection office.

I have to honestly say, it's so agrevating how rich people can just do what they want and not give a shit about everyone else... They just fly to the stars and not even bat an eye about the amount of money they are spending. This should be a wakeup call to all of us to finally tax the rich

The German TV channel ZDF published a great article which sums up how I feel about it: (German, 5min read)

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