@Shrimp I may never leave. I was doomed by the elders to an eternity in cyberspace.

@Shrimp That whole planting thing has really gone to your head... Eh?

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Anyone need a Cloudflare Worker for redirecting to a language-specific version of a page right on the edge? If so I've got something for you!


@joerebelloharley Well there would have to be some kind of protocol running on LoRaWAN / GSM, and I just brought up Matrix as it is already open and extensible.

Would really be nice to play around with the concept some more.

A IP-Network could also be realized with batman-adv, so you could have a true IP-Mesh with decentralized data stores etc. Would be interesting to get it to work via LoRa or something similar.

@joerebelloharley LoRaWAN is actually great for stuff like emergency communication. There is even a company making small boxes, which create a mesh using LoRaWAN and open up WiFi Hotspots to allow citizens to contact emergency services, even if all traditional communication has broken down.

Also a LoRaWAN mesh paired with low-bandwidth-Matrix could be an awesome way to have a emergency chat platform. 100bps would be enough to chat. (See article below)


@evelynyap @fribbledom The problem I see in academic publishing is (correct me if I'm wrong) the authors not getting any money even though the public has to pay for access.
This is why I personally don't see that mich of a moral problem with pirating papers etc.

But I can see where you're coming from and I agree that if a authors / creators income is directly harmed from piracy of their work it is immoral to just take it.

What do you think?

"Smiley isn’t just about pushing more product. Its host of sensors also collect data on shopper interactions, including how they move about the store. Imagine it as an alternative to someone with a clipboard walking around the store all day taking notes on how people move about, but successfully selling more candy while it does its job."

Well this is... Fun


@tobi Verdammt, ich muss wieder auf iOS gehen lol
Wenn Apple nur endlich Sideloading erlauben würde

COVID, good personal news 

I just got my COVID-Test back! I don't have 🎉


@lauteshirn The test is done... Not fun, but fast. Now I just have to wait 24 hours and then I'll have to call to get the result

questions about cars and motorbikes 

@koosli I don't have a car, as driving one scares me, but I'm thinking about getting a license and a motorbike, as here in semi-rural to rural Germany being at the hands of public transit can be really annoying...


I'm going to get tested for in half an hour after I've had diarrhea, headaches and nausea for the last few days... Wish me luck

Hope it was just some bad food...

@noelle For me it's "I'm not into boys, I just like to play this game with a sexy male main charakter because the graphics are so good" to "Oh"

@lauteshirn Ich bin hier nicht hergekommen um so hinterrücks angegriffen zu werden... :p

@witchescauldron @404 That's what I thought. For example 1in1.net is actually administrated by me, so I can decide what gets accepted and what not. But just because some instances have blocked instances doesn't mean the whole Mastodon/Fediverse is censored imo.

You could just set up your own instance with 3€ a month and an afternoon of work and have an uncensored mastodon, so I don't quite get how that is censorship.

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