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is pre-orderable in Germany now... too bad I don't have any money

Ever wondered how dating worked back in 1949? Well have I got the video for you! Today's gem from the depths of the Internet Archive explores and by showing us (a straight white boy) how to date any girl we please.

Title: Dating: Do's and Don'ts
Duration: 12m25s
Year: 1949

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Are YOU with us? Sign now!

40 orgas across Europe. We call on the EU to ban biometric mass surveillance.

For a future in which we are treated like humans, not walking barcodes, in which we are respected and not humiliated, discriminated against or treated like crime suspects, in which our options are not limited by an algorithm based on our body and looks.

Now's the time to act!
The tech is out there, but the EU is drafting new laws on AI.


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Hey, fellow Mastodonians, what is your favourite music, like genres or bands etc?

For me, it is blues (Ben Ezra, Fat Walters), piano jazz (Fazil Say, Mieczysław Kosz), classical guitar jazz (De Lucia, Di Meola), old eletronic (Jarre, Koto, Kraftwerk), a'capella covers (Pentatonix, Home Free), and traditional Irish music (Loreena McKennit, The Henry Girls, Altan, Anuna).

When coding, some mild electronic-trans is my sweet spot. Keeps me focused for prolonged time.

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How far have you travelled? (If you've been to another country but didn't have to travel more than 100mi/160km to get there, please still pick option 3.)

I hereby share with you all: The way my chose to sleep in with me yesterday.

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Hello I'm Kevin, some guy from northern Germany and the owner of the instance. My interests include (, , , ), (mainly ), and . I'm also part of the as a simple .

If you want to follow me on my endeavors feel free to follow this profile.

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I recently got a very old pager and today I decided to turn it on... And the thing still managed to connect and set it's time lol

Hello World. Say hi to my new Mastodon Server... Let's hope my storage space survives this time :)