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Big thanks to @[email protected] for boosting my call for feedback and contributions to osmlab/awesome-openstreetmap in their newest issue! I really feel honored 🙂

RT @[email protected]

weeklyOSM issue 609 now available in *English* the news from the world

Just became maintainer of an awesome list yesterday:

I invite everyone to check it out and send feedback, as I'm trying to make this repo awesome :p

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war in ukraine 

It's really difficult to avoid getting caught in the fervor of war, in celebrating the defiance of a people who are being subjected to such unjustice and violence.

I caution all of you paying close attention: this isn't a sitcom. The president of Ukraine isn't a wacky underdog pulling one over on the schoolyard bully in a saturday morning cartoon.

The people of ukraine aren't the supporting cast of some kind of ensemble musical.

The people who are being sent to die by an obscenely unhinged dictator aren't evil demons being mowed down by Doom guy.

These are people who are fighting for their lives, who are subjected to atrocities and have no choice in the matter.

And I'm saddened, because I see the faces of people younger than me who were sent somewhere to die for nothing, I see people assembling molotov cocktails and I don't see a plucky resistance. I see people who could have been my neighbors, preparing to fight for their lives, and doing what they can do to support each other.

And I see a man in an impossible position, who has been tasked with an almost impossible task: to get people who are increasingly isolated, misled, and desensitized, to give a shit.

It's good that you care. I definitely care.

But please don't just take the lesson from this that it's good when bad guys die.

@Jannikkiel took this pic of me today on a walk through Hamburg with him and @Shrimp
I like it so I'm posting it :)

Food food food 

My first time trying hot-pot with @Shrimp and @Jannikkiel today! Tasted amazing

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<< “Work is ongoing to assess the incidents and their contexts. Telecoms disruptions in Ukraine have so far been attributed to power outages, cyberattacks, sabotage, and kinetic impacts.

In Kyiv, connectivity started to decline gradually from Thursday morning as civilians fled the capital or sought shelter:

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Es gibt mir Hoffnung, dass
- Menschen in Russland gegen den Krieg demonstrieren, obwohl sie Repressionen erleiden
- sich die Ukrainer wehren und um ihr Land und ihre Freiheit kämpfen

Ich bin mir nicht sicher, ob ich genauso mutig wäre.

#lauteshirn #russland #putin #ukraine #StandWithUkraine

Wenn jemand Betten zu Hause frei hat, überlegt bitte euch hier einzutragen:

English translation:

If you have free beds at home, think about filling this out.

Want to hear a story of business investors, organ trading and crypto scamming? Well have I got a post for you!

Do you like annoying big companies? Are you an EU citizen?

Well have I got just the thing for you: Send GDPR-requests for getting all of your data sent to you! I've just sent 25 requests with the wizard at 😀

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anxiety levels are 89% and rising

(89%) ■■■■■■■■□□

Can we please not allow the police to abuse contact tracing apps?

TL;DR A person died in front of a restaurant, so to get informations about who was there the police got the ministry of health to simulate a covid case to get the contact tracing information from a third-party app... This is why we can't trust institutions to handle our data carefully, better use something zero-trust like the official CovidWarnApp...

Article (German):

Nothing like the thrill I get from doing my taxes...

Just like ooh will field 42b be required? Have I made a typo or misread something and am committing tax fraud out of sheer stupidity? Have I sent the money to the right account? Nobody knows 🤷

At least the tax website will yell at me if I missed a field

As we are now in 2022 I want to share with you all: The location(s) of the Fediverse in 2021!

This is a GeoIP-Map of all requests the main server ( received in 2021.

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You've heard about web 3 now get ready for 

Web 3.11 for workgroups

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